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What We Offer

ValidiFI® is an industry-leading, specialty consumer reporting agency. Our data, sourced from banks, payment processors, financial platforms, and hundreds of thousands of businesses, answers the questions that institutions and service providers seek. We provide seamless integrations to structured data and validated models to improve account openings, credit decisions, payments, fraud, risk, and compliance objectives. Institutions and businesses leverage ValidiFI to enhance their offerings, support the digital process, and gain competitive advantages.


We combine payment instrument data with multiple data sources


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Better Data for a Better Customer Experience

We’ve fused the freshest banking and payment data with intelligent insights to transform your risk into confidence.  We supply you with the insights needed to succeed with the highest bank and payment data coverage in the industry. We are a Nacha preferred vendor, offering a combined solution to help maintain compliance and mitigate fraud.

Account Validation

Ensure customer’s bank accounts are legitimate, open, and accept payment transactions to meet regulatory compliance requirements and fight fraud.

Bank Aggregation

Leverage open banking financial technology with direct APIs to Financial Institutions. Verify account numbers, identity, balance, and get insights to make more educated decisions, and improve user experiences.

Bank Account Ownership

Authoritatively assess bank accounts by verifying bank account ownership. Furthermore, decrease risk and increase security without the hassle of manual verification processes.

Bank Account Validation

Connect to a variety of real-time data solutions to instantly verify bank account and routing number information, assess risk, and detect fraud.  Additionally, reduce human error, failed or fraudulent payment transactions, and ensure that customer data is accurate and reliable.

Lead Conversion Score

Verify identity, assess risk, and determine the likelihood for a consumer to complete the buying process with advanced scoring technology.

Payment Instrument Risk Score

Uncover actionable insight into a consumer’s credit risk level, identifying fraud and determining creditworthiness, with an alternative data score.

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