ValidiFI Relaunches with Combined Capabilities from RIBBIT to Offer Industry-Leading Credit Risk & Validation Services


Get immediate access to the largest bank and payment data database to make confident decisions.

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Better Data for a Better Customer Experience

We’ve fused the freshest banking and payment data with intelligent insights to transform your risk into confidence. ValidiFI’s bank and payment data coverage provide the insights needed to succeed. As a Nacha preferred partner, ValidiFI’s solutions ensure compliance and mitigate fraud.


Assess the risk of a financial institution based on performance across ValidiFI’s network of financial service providers.


Verify bank details via the account number structure, conformity, and current status detecting fraud prior to onboarding or accepting payments.


Identify potential fraud using ValidiFI’s transactional database by measuring the frequency of change in consumer PII, bank accounts, and payment performance.


Verify identity, assess risk, and determine the likelihood for a consumer to complete the buying process with advanced scoring technology.


Facilitate access to consumer-permissioned bank account data coupled with ValidiFI’s best-in-class data categorization and cash flow underwriting tools including risk scores, affordability metrics, and recurring spending analysis.


Maintain current IBV processes while leveraging ValidiFI’s best-in-class cash flow underwriting solution including risk, affordability and fraud scores.

What We Offer

 ValidiFI® is an industry-leading, specialty consumer reporting agency. Our data, sourced from banks, payment processors, financial platforms, and clients offer risk and data insights to improve profitability. ValidiFI’s API offers access to validation and risk solutions designed to improve account openings, credit decisions, and payment success rates while identifying fraud, and ensuring compliance. Institutions and businesses leverage ValidiFI to enhance their offerings, support the digital process, and gain competitive advantages.


We combine payment instrument data with multiple data sources


Discover how our digital platform improves operational efficiencies


We can help you maximize value & achieve a sustainable competitive advantage

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