Payment Instrument Risk Score is Powerful Alternative Banking and Payment Data

Payment Instrument Risk Score

ValidiFI’s Payment Instrument Risk Score is powerful alternative data that provides a new lens to view consumers’ creditworthiness more accurately. This FCRA compliant credit decisioning score strengthens the financial profile of the consumer, helping to mitigate fraud, reduce defaults and returns. The PI Risk Score is fueled by over 400,000 banking and payment data sources associated with debit cards, pre-paid cards, credit cards, bank accounts, merchants, payment platforms, and payment processors. This service provides actionable insights based on the consumer’s transactions, behaviors, and characteristics

Supercharge your underwriting by leveraging the Payment Instrument Risk Score, a non-tradeline FCRA risk score to identify fraud, risk, and determine creditworthiness more accurately.

The PI Risk Score helps lenders complete customer profiles with banking and payment data. Now, with real-time data, you can have visibility to see past the blind spots that traditional data often leaves. And by using alternative data to assess the creditworthiness of consumers, you can get a closer view on thin-files and no-files, which are often overlooked by traditional data.

Contact us today to learn more about the PI Risk Score to enhance or generate new customer acquisition strategies, and to more accurately understand a customer’s credit risk.

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