Identify High Quality Customers in a Sea of Leads.

Businesses of all sizes and industries are plagued with common hardships, such as fraud and the inability to convert leads. ValidiFI provides relief to these pain points through our proprietary solutions designed to identify fraud, as well as the prospects most likely to convert to customers.

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The Account Validation Guide

Verifying a consumer’s account is critical for maintaining compliance with Nacha’s WEB Debit Rule, requiring ACH originators to use “account validation.” Though the rule went into effect on March 19th, 2021 it will not be enforced for an additional year. We have put together a guide of the various methods of account verification to help …

Six Factors to Consider in Determining Customer Risk

Six Factors to Consider in Determining Customer Risk

Phone Insights for KYC

It's time look beyond the ten  digits! Leverage the power of ValidiFI's Phone Insights to uncover consumer intent, financial health, and much more. Learn more about Phone Insights. Related Resources