Identify High Quality Customers in a Sea of Leads.

Businesses of all sizes and industries are plagued with common hardships, such as fraud and the inability to convert leads. ValidiFI provides relief to these pain points through our proprietary customer acquisition solutions designed to identify fraud, as well as the prospects most likely to convert to customers.

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Infographic: Combating ACH Fraud in the Digital Age

Combating ACH Fraud in the Digital Age Fraud is skyrocketing! ValidiFI's Infographic on the ACH Fraud Types and Solutions provides you with everything you need to know to fight back:   The data doesn't lie, now, more than ever before businesses are under attack by fraudsters.  Every company is concerned with creating more security in ...

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Complying with Nacha’s WEB Debit Rule

Consumers today want instant gratification, particularly in the post-pandemic reality of having everything delivered to your door-step on demand. To keep pace, payments were also required to evolve. However, fraudsters were neither sidelined nor caught off guard with this evolution.

Why Is Account Verification Important?

With identity theft continually on the rise, bank account verification is becoming a critical asset for businesses. Bank account verification authenticates and validates bank accounts, providing a snapshot of an account to better determine its status and structure while also detecting possible fraudulent activity.