Complete the Picture of a Consumer’s Payment Performance

The FI Risk Index is the first of its kind, a cost-effective solution to help financial service businesses reduce risk when purchasing leads, removing the likelihood of default. This real-time data service was designed to quickly detect consumers associated with the highest-risk financial institutions and bad bank accounts, preventing you from purchasing poor leads.

This score can be used as is or combined with any of our other services to complete the consumer’s financial profile, access greater actionable insights and enhance predictive power.

Analyzing risks

Payment Instrument Risk Score identifies good and bad borrowers, as well as the compliance risks associated with processing payments.

This frictionless service determines the risk levels associated with the customer’s bank, helping to reduce defaults and returns.

This score can be used as-is or combined with the  PI Risk Score service to complete the consumer’s financial profile, access greater actionable insights, and enhance predictive power.

Use Case Solutions

Avoid Purchasing Bad Leads

Mitigate the threat of fraud by identifying accounts associated with high-risk financial institutions and bad bank accounts.

Reduce Risk

Access critical insights that identify high, moderate and low-risk consumers for better risk segmentation.

Frictionless User Experience

Getting consumers to connect their bank account can be a difficult process. Access timely bank account information without consumer interaction.
Case Study
Online consumer lender lowers the cost per funded loan by 8%.

An online consumer lender consulted with ValidiFI to help reduce their costs per funded loan. A combination of products was recommended, beginning with the FI Risk Index. The FI Risk Index was placed at the top of this lender’s lead screening waterfall, allowing them to segment the risk of the population from below 10% FPD to as high as 53% FPD. This enabled the lender to identify the riskiest and least risky leads in a cost-effective manner, successfully lowering their cost per funded loan.

Case Study
Consumer lender finds an additional 7% of applicants to originate.

A consumer lender under pressure to grow their portfolio consulted with ValidiFI’s Data Science team. The PI Risk Score was able to identify declined and rejected applicants to have the same default risk as their approved and originated customer pool.  The lender aligned the PI Risk Score to its models and launched a new initiative, that increased good originations by more than 7%.

The addition of the PI Risk Score enabled the lender to scale with resiliency, and represented a significant growth opportunity.