Enhanced Consumer Identification with Advanced Technology, Deep Data Sources and Powerful Algorithms

Doing business in a digital environment means that you have significant revenue opportunities – and that you face substantial risk on a daily basis. Stay competitive in today’s online marketplace by protecting your business and your customers with tools that give you the ability to  verify and approve consumers quickly and without friction. ValidiFI offers solutions that go far beyond basic data matching by providing predictive, intelligent identity information and analytics.

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Infographic: Combating ACH Fraud in the Digital Age

Fraud is skyrocketing! ValidiFI’s Infographic on the ACH Fraud Types and Solutions provides you with everything you need to know to fight back!

The Account Validation Guide

Verifying a consumer’s account is critical for maintaining compliance with Nacha’s WEB Debit Rule, requiring ACH originators to use “account validation.”

The Advantages of Using Non-Credentialed Bank Account Ownership Verification

Successfully verifying the ownership of an applicant’s bank account is crucial to mitigating fraud in your underwriting process.