Looking for Tools that Actually Prevent Fraud and Reduce Losses?

Finding the right payment solutions can at times be intimidating and overwhelming. ValidiFI’s consultative approach to a fraud solution determines the best strategy to mitigate fraud, reduce risk, and decrease losses.

Use Case Solutions

Identify which Consumers are a Financial Risk

Account and Identity enhance data, retrieving full routing and account numbers to verify account ownership.
Bank Aggregation

Mitigate Fraud Associated with Suspicious Bank Accounts

Actionable response allowing you to easily implement the use of a Bank Account Validation tool without the need for robust data science and analytics teams.
BAV - Risk & Risk Plus

Confirm Bank Account Ownership

Confirm the ownership of a bank account in an effort to reduce fraud and unauthorized transactions.
BAV - Ownership

Weed Out Consumers Linked to High-Risk

Quickly detect consumers associated with the highest-risk financial institutions and bad bank accounts without friction.
FI Risk Index

Reduce Fraud and Determine Credit Risk

Mitigate the threat of fraud by identifying the behavior, characteristics, and patterns associated with high risk.
Inquiry Attributes

How are You Protecting Your Business and Consumers Against the Rise of Fraud?

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