Insight and ValidiFI Team Up to Unveil Powerful and Proprietary Data Services to Revolutionize the Underwriting Process

Santa Rosa, CA, and Boca Raton, FL, September 28, 2022 – Insight, a financial services software provider, has chosen ValidiFI, an industry-leading, specialty consumer reporting agency, as their selected banking and payment data provider to offer new, exclusive services to their customers.

After an extensive search and evaluation process, Insight found unmatched value and subject matter expertise with ValidiFI’s capabilities.

Together, these world-class businesses have collaborated to create custom, proprietary solutions, including TruDDA. These powerful data services will be available only on Insight’s DecisionCloud Platform for the exclusive benefit of their customers.

Insight has made available the TruDDA real-time service to their existing customers, completely complimentary. TruDDA is the most powerful, top-of-the-waterfall, proprietary bank account filter solution in the industry. When leveraged in an overall decisioning strategy, this solution minimizes risk, reduces fraud, decreases data costs, and improves successful payments.

Tim Harris, CEO of Insight, “We are thrilled to partner with ValidiFI and for the opportunity to really innovate the underwriting process leveraging their unique data and world-class data scientists. By combining the strengths and resources of these two distinct businesses into creating optimized solutions, we will be better positioned to serve clients as well as consumers, continuing to advance innovation, develop powerful products, and create operational efficiencies.”

Oscar DiVeroli, CEO of ValidiFI, “Our amazingly talented team is excited to partner with Insight to deliver enterprise level solutions to lenders that primarily serve the underbanked and unbanked consumers. Nothing makes the ValidiFI team happier than knowing we were able to assist, in even a small way, providing insights that make credit available to even one more person in need.”

About Insights

Insight, LLC is a software company located in Santa Rosa, California. Insight’s primary software, Decision Cloud, allows lenders to utilize real-time data services, such as credit reports, and advanced scoring algorithms to determine an applicant’s creditworthiness. Decision Cloud is fully integrated with best-in-class data services, such as TruScore, TruFraud, TruDDA, and now TruBank.

About ValidiFI®

ValidiFI® is the leading provider of bank and payment data solutions. Our data is sourced from financial institutions, payment processors, financial platforms, and countless businesses. We strive to provide businesses with to make confident decisions. To optimize your business and to gain competitive advantages, try our PI Risk Score or our new product FI Risk Index. For more valuable information or to learn more about ValidiFI, visit

Tara Kumar