Say No to Friction! Leverage Bank Data Without the Login

What if you could access a consumer’s banking data without requiring them to log in from their end?

Utilizing Alternative Data for Immediate Lift

Growing your portfolio seems like an obvious objective, but many financial service providers struggle with the fear of the associated risk.

Why You Need An Autofunding Strategy Right Now

Today, Americans have nearly all but shifted their buying to online and have adapted to fully digital experiences.

What To Expect In Lending And Compliance In 2022

Without a doubt, the past few years have been busy for the world of lending and compliance.

The Small Dollar Lending Rule: Make the Most of Your Two Attempts

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) originally passed the Final Rule on the Payday, Vehicle Title, and Certain High-Cost Installment Loans, also referred to as the Payday lending Rule or  Small Dollar Lending Rule, in 2017.

Four Crucial Benefits of Verifying Bank Account Ownership

Verifying Bank Account Ownership Is More Important Now Than Ever

Four Reasons Why Traditional Credit Data Falls Flat Post-Pandemic

2020 and the COVID pandemic brought a lot of surprises, changes, and challenges for businesses.

Infographic: Combating ACH Fraud in the Digital Age

Fraud is skyrocketing! ValidiFI’s Infographic on the ACH Fraud Types and Solutions provides you with everything you need to know to fight back!

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Complying with Nacha’s WEB Debit Rule

Consumers today want instant gratification, particularly in the post-pandemic reality of having everything delivered to their doorstep on demand. To keep pace, payments were also required to evolve. 

Why Is Account Verification Important?

With identity theft continually on the rise, bank account verification is becoming a critical asset for businesses.

Assessing Credit Risk: The Five-Step Risk Management Process

In the world of finance, risk management is of the utmost importance. Assessing risk is the process where you identify what hazards can occur, how likely they are to happen, and how you can best prevent them.

Enhancing the Customer Experience While Preventing Fraud

Today, with the ever-increasing rates of fraud and the rise in competitors you may find yourself in a dilemma. How do you convert more customers but reduce your risk of fraud? 

The Account Validation Guide

Verifying a consumer’s account is critical for maintaining compliance with Nacha’s WEB Debit Rule, requiring ACH originators to use “account validation.”

Six Factors to Consider in Determining Customer Risk

Six Factors to Consider in Determining Customer Risk

Nacha Preferred Partner Account Validation Series

Date: 22th February 2019 , Duration: 60 min

Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Employment Verification Technology: Part 1

Part 1: Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Employment Verification Technology: Background Screeners

Optimal Lead Selection in an Expanding Universe

ValidiFI’s latest white paper examines the competing impetus of acquisition cost, loan volume, and risk when expanding customer acquisitions. In this paper, you will gain a greater understanding of the true impacts and costs within the customer acquisition process.

Regulatory Update: The Lend Podcast Featuring ValidiFI

Date: 22th February 2019 , Duration: 60 min

What you Need to Know About Same Day ACH to be Successful

By Jesse Berger & Drew Freeman Has your bank ever told you that Same Day ACH will not make a difference? Has anybody ever said that to you?

Market Update: The Lend Podcast Featuring ValidiFI

Date: 22th February 2019 , Duration: 60 min

How to Help Your Business Recover and Advance

We conclude our three-part series examining the massive changes in lending caused by the largest global pandemic in living memory.

The Fear of Ignorance: A Prescriptive Solution

Navigating the 2020 Pandemic Effects on the Lending Industry: Part 2 We continue our three-part series examining the massive changes in lending caused by the largest global pandemic in living memory. In Part 2, we examine the risk and decisions businesses must take in order to adapt and survive through any crisis. The Fear of ...

The Consumer Lending Guide for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Date: 22th February 2019 , Duration: 60 min

How Lending Can Avoid A Catastrophic Meltdown

Navigating the 2020 Pandemic Effects on the Lending Industry: Part 1 Join us for a three-part series examining the massive changes in lending caused by the largest global pandemic in living memory. In Part 1, we examine the abrupt changes in the income streams of millions of consumers and the use of recent technology to …

Recharge Your Batteries!

With all the Social Distancing going on around us, ValidiFI wants to promote social togetherness even if it’s only online. Besides TV shows, movies and programs, there are several websites to keep your mind and body engaged. Make sure to take some time to recharge your batteries. Below are some Virtual Tour suggestions! VISIT MUSEUMS …

Transform Your Business with Data and Payment Instruments

The rise of fintech technologies, now, more than ever is affecting consumer behaviors.

Data Scientists Evaluate Credit Risk to Help Lenders, Borrowers

BY CHRISTIE DELFANIAN SEPTEMBER 9, 2019 To lend or not to lend, that is the question. With the increase in online lending, financial service companies face the daunting task of determining which consumers will repay their loans and, more importantly, which will not. Traditionally, the risk was determined based solely on credit history. However, ValidiFI, a …

The Advantages of Using Non-Credentialed Bank Account Ownership Verification

Successfully verifying the ownership of an applicant’s bank account is crucial to mitigating fraud in your underwriting process.

Seven Tips to Leverage Employment Verification Data

Is more data better, or is better data really, better? Whatever your philosophy, employment verification data is already, or should be in your mix of sources. 

Three Tips to Improve Credit Card Processing Costs

As a business, each expense counts, including credit card processing costs. Credit card processing is a necessity to businesses today, but it comes at a price, is very complex, and complicated to understand. Furthermore, for online businesses and companies with recurring customers the threats of fraud and loss are very high. To improve your company’s …

Not Your Father’s Bank Aggregation Solution

What if I told you that you are using bank aggregation inefficiently? As the technological landscape evolves and more data is readily available, having access to data is not enough.

Three Things They Don’t Tell You About Bank Verification

Not all bank verification solutions are the same, they might not even have the same function. If your business is using ACH transactions, odds are you are utilizing some sort of bank verification solution. Verification is a term thrown around casually to describe products that perform various functions, such as to confirm a bank account’s …

The Power of Payment Instrument Data

What if you had an unparalleled, full-detail view of the consumer with visibility into their bank account, including expenses and transactions? Payment Instrument data provides this powerful and indispensable access, integral for decisioning, underwriting, verification, and payment processes.  This live data fills the gap in credit information, instantly revealing who the consumer is today and …