PRO as a service

ValidiFI’s Payment Risk Optimizer (PRO) is a platform as a service (PaaS) that scrubs payment files for ACH and card payments, using proprietary payment instrument data services to assess the likelihood of a successful payment.


The safer, easier way to process ACH, RCC, and Card. The PRO is the best software platform for avoiding unnecessary payment declines, interruptions, and the cost associated with contacting customers for new information.

We handle billions of dollars every year for forward thinking businesses and processors to reduce friction, minimize cancellations or non-payment.

Ensuring a payment attempt was valid and would go through successfully used to be a hard and laborious process including, verifying funds, just-in time rescheduled payments, verifying ownership, funds availability, compliance, and presentment timing. So, we made PRO to provide ALL the tools you need to increase your payment processing success rate.

We have built the most powerful pre-processing tool for financial institutions and merchants.  Whether you are scheduling recurring payments for your customers, creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, a retail store, gateway, or a FinTech, PRO’s simple APIs and unmatched functionality help you validate the money is in the bank before you process a payment, so you create the experience for your users. Companies scale faster and more efficiently by ensuring they receive more of their payments by integrating the PRO.

PRO helps you get paid with ease and confidence.

See how PRO works

Whether you’re processing or selling with ACH, RCC, or Card, we make it faster, safer and easier for everyone to get paid, reduce fees, and comply with NACHA and Card Brand Rules.

PRO provides everything you need to create pre-processing functionality in your business.  What is pre-processing?  The PRO has pioneered pre-processing allowing companies to submit payment files through a safe and secure platform that combines predictive analytics and dozens of data sources to check the ownership, status, and funds availability of a payment presentment before it is processed.

Flexible workflows allow you to customize what to do when there are not enough funds in an account.  Securely store your customers information to try the payment again later, send notifications to obtain a new payment method, or build your own custom strategy to achieve high-converting payment flows.

Your payment processing should meet the same high standards as your product experience: with just a few taps, PRO helps businesses get paid.

Benefits for your business and your customer:

Your Business

View a summary of which accounts were validated and why

Create velocity, transaction type, and address filters to fight fraud

Customizable workflow settings designed to help you manage and optimize payment flows

Your Customer

Eliminate costs and the inconvenience of overdraft and NSF fees

Improved NACHA and card brand enables more payment options to give your customers

Protection, trust, and peace of mind that their merchant has their best interest in mind