Bank account validation for compliance

Ensure Nacha WEB debit compliance by validating that a bank account and routing number are open, valid, and ACH-capable

Solution Overview

As a Nacha preferred partner, we provide comprehensive account validation solutions that comply with Nacha’s WEB debit account validation rule. Our vAccount solution verifies accounts instantly to help minimize payment issues, manage risks, and improve efficiencies within current workflows. 

how it helps

vAccount from ValidiFI allows you to verify bank accounts in real-time so you can confirm transactions are secure and reduce manual reviews and ensure a smooth customer experience.

vAccount can be used to:

  • Comply with Nacha WEB debit rule and evolving regulations
  • Streamline application and onboarding processes
  • Reduce fraud prior to making payments
  • Accelerate consumer transactions 
How It Works


Using the bank account and routing number, we validate details against our proprietary database network and return insights in a matter of seconds to help you assess bank account quality and level of risk in real-time:


The value for your business

Low Friction Solution

Validate bank accounts in real-time with no customer friction.

Ensure Compliance

Adhere to changing regulations with a Nacha preferred partner.

Reduce Risk

Proactively detect fraud and payment-related issues.

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Frequently asked questions

vAccount is an account verification tool for compliance. Ensure Nacha  WEB debit regulations are met and validate the status of a given bank account, ranks potential risks, and assists in predicting payment return codes.

Many customers leverage vAccount as a cost-effective account verification tool for compliance. 

As an account validation solution, vAccount requires routing and bank account numbers.

Yes, all customers are required to report their performance data as we are a give-to-get data model. By doing this, all customers gain tremendous value from accessing a much larger database of information than they would without data contribution across the network.

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