Validate Identities and Deter Fraud

ValidiFI’s ValidID empowers you to stay competitive in today’s online marketplace.  ValidID, designed to protect your business and customers, enables you to locate, verify, and approve consumers quickly and without friction. The results go far beyond basic data matching by providing predictive, intelligent identity information and analytics.

Use Case Solutions

ValidID’s multi-layered process accesses thousands of data sources containing billions of public records to instantly validate an identity. With this data, you can make quicker and smarter decisions on what to do next: approve, deny, or escalate the validation request.

ValidiFI’s ValidID creates an identity proofing process that quickly and seamlessly happens, without interrupting the transaction or requiring customer interaction. Moreover, ValidID validates identities with as little data as a customer’s name and address—information most customers are comfortable sharing. Undoubtedly, our fraud and identity solutions help achieve and exceed your business goals.

Frictionless Customer Experience

Smart layers of identity data enable a frictionless approval process for legitimate customers.

Dynamic Decisioning

Approve, deny or escalate based on your unique KYC business requirements.

Consortium Fraud Network

Fight fraud with cross-industry intelligence, real-time alerts, and continuous post-transaction monitoring with dedicated fraud analysts and machine learning.

Find More Customers

Verify more thin-file and new-to-country consumers than with other providers.

Fully Customizable Rule Sets

Define your own decision workflows based on your risk tolerance or even create your own custom rules.

Expedited Process

Validate an identity swiftly and accurately, with as little data as a customer’s name and address—information most customers are comfortable sharing.

ValidID Email Add-On Service

Prevent fraud and make more confident decisions with advanced global email verification

ValidID Email analyzes a provided email address to give you an expanded view of an email. Additionally, leveraging predictive analytics and accessing fraud trends and databases, ValidID Email instantly detects indications of fraud.