ValidiFI Introduces Revolutionary New Product, FI Risk Index

BOCA RATON, Fla., January 20, 2022 ( – ValidiFI is proud to announce a new product, FI Risk Index, to its already impressive line of fraud and risk solutions. The FI Risk Index is a revolutionary new tool that allows lenders to assess the risk associated with thousands of financial institutions and bank accounts by screening out the riskiest of leads while also driving positive decision-making for an auto-funded workflow. This real-time data service is designed to help lenders avoid purchasing leads associated with the highest-risk financial institutions and bad bank accounts. 

The FI Risk Index offers lenders significant advantages when acquiring leads, including access to consumer information not provided by credit bureaus, a reduction in fraud due to an analysis of real-time and past transactions, and valuable information regarding the ability to both credit and debit a bank account. It’s the first solution of its kind to combine these components and specifically help lenders drive down their cost per lead. 

“We’re thrilled about this new product. During these unprecedented times, many of our lending customers faced unique challenges. With them in mind, we designed this solution to assess risk quickly and efficiently at the top of the waterfall. The FI Risk Score is going to change the way they acquire viable leads,” said Jesse Berger, President and COO of ValidiFI.

The addition of FI Risk Index to the product line-up strengthens the company’s authority as the leader of bank and payment data, expanding our lending offerings for lead acquisition. ValidiFI offers various banking and payment data solutions to be used throughout the consumer lifecycle. ValidiFI’s solutions enable lenders and businesses to verify identity, detect fraud, perform compliance checks, and determine creditworthiness. 

About ValidiFI®

ValidiFI® is the leading provider of bank and payment data solutions. Our data is sourced from financial institutions, payment processors, financial platforms, and countless businesses. We strive to provide businesses with to make confident decisions. To optimize your business and to gain competitive advantages, try our PI Risk Score or our new product FI Risk Index. For more valuable information or to learn more about ValidiFI, visit