Authenticate bank account access instantly

Authenticate a user has current authorized access to an account leveraging our real-time microdeposit solution

Solution Overview

For many years, microdeposits were one of the most relied upon forms of account verification. However, the time required to facilitate ACH micro-deposits resulted in the solution becoming impractical.


vAuth, out instant microdeposit solution, provides the capability to validate a user’s access to a bank account in real-time. By utilizing instant payment rails, vAuth can confirm an account is valid within seconds.

Microdeposit verification, which traditionally took 3-4 days for processing, can now be conducted in real-time. Increase confidence in verifying bank accounts prior to sending high-value transactions and extend reach to consumers who are hesitant to provide their bank account credentials for login.

How It Works



The value for your business

Payment Rail Coverage

Covers payment rails including FedNow, RTP, and Same-Day ACH

Detect Fraud

Confirm an account is valid within seconds and reduce fraud risk

Streamlined Authentication

Confirm a user has access or account ownership in real-time

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Frequently asked questions

Compared to traditional micro-deposits that can take anywhere from 3 – 4 days to process, vAuth is an instant microdeposit solution for faster account validation. 

Coverage can vary depending on the institution the consumer is using, but by leveraging instant payment rails including FedNow, RTP, and Same-Day ACH, vAuth can achieve up to 70% account coverage. 

Yes, all customers are required to report their performance data as we are a give-to-get data model. By doing this, all customers gain tremendous value from accessing a much larger database of information than they would without data contribution across the network.

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