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Connect bank accounts for cash flow insights and better underwriting decisions with our intuitive login solution

Solution Overview

95% of Americans have access to a bank account, a historical high. Accessing transactional data enables a next generation of credit and payment decisioning. This can provide a clearer understanding of consumers, particularly for those who are new to credit, have a thin file, or require additional information to address gaps in their current financial health.

how it helps

vConnect, our intuitive login interface, allows you to validate bank account access and tap into consumer-permissioned transactional data.

By combining vConnect with our other predictive bank account and payment intelligence solutions like vInsights, you can:

  • Validate Account and Routing number
  • Easily categorize payload data
  • Perform deep behavioral analysis with bank account insights, bank transaction data, and live balance information
  • Receive a cash-flow insights report complete with an affordability score
How It Works


Having consumers verify access to a bank or provide access to bank account data for more informed decisions is easy:


The value for your business

Streamline Customer Experience

Allow users to securely login the way they want, empowering login and reducing abandonment

Reduce Risk & Fraud

Screen out consumers that cannot confirm the ownership of their bank account

Unlock Valuable Insights

Use with our vAccount or vInsights solutions to easily gain access to financial data you need

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Frequently asked questions

vConnect is an open banking consumer login tool that allows users to link their bank accounts, unlocking cash flow insights for more informed decision-making.

By offering a user-friendly and secure open banking consumer login tool, you instill confidence in users and new applicants who may be hesitant to share their bank account information, thereby reducing abandonment rates. 

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