Instantly detect fraudulent bank accounts

Identify invalid contact information like email, phone, and physical address as well as suspicious behaviors

Solution Overview

As ACH network transaction volumes continue to surge and real-time payments grow in popularity, the complexity of transactions also increases. This dynamic environment underscores the critical importance of implementing a robust and detailed fraud prevention solution. 

How it helps

vFraud detects high frequency changes in consumer contact information, flagging invalid contact details like phone numbers and email addresses, while analyzing the association to a provided bank account.

Our comprehensive solution utilizes risk indicators to:

  • Detect high-frequency changes in Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Filter and flag invalid or fraudulent contact information like email addresses and phone numbers
  • Check for past inquiries utilizing velocity metrics
How It Works


Using specific contact application fields and bank account number, vFraud assesses the connections between the bank account, consumer, and past payment performance to detect fraud instantly. Analysis findings using vFraud discovered:


The value for your business

Bank Account Insights

Access unique bank and payment data to analyze characteristics, behaviors, and patterns associated with high-risk indicators

Flag Suspicious Information

Identify fraudulent instances like first party fraud, new account fraud, and minimize financial losses

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk of paying or sending funds to fraudulent accounts

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Frequently asked questions

vFraud doesn’t just assess individual elements like the consumer for suspicious indicators, but rather the connections between the consumer, bank account, and their past payment performance for a more robust assessment. This allows you to detect fraud instantly before its too late. 

vFraud leverages proprietary and partner insights from within ValidiFI’s data network to perform various fraud checks to validate customer contact inputs like phone number and email addresses. This offers increased confidence in what your customer is providing is legitimate and accurate to help detect and reduce fraudulent attacks

vFraud can help detect fraud instantly by assessing suspicious indicators related to consumer, bank accounts or payments. Most common types include first-party fraud, third-party fraud, synthetic fraud, and new account fraud. 

Yes, all customers are required to report their performance data as we are a give-to-get data model. By doing this, all customers gain tremendous value from accessing a much larger database of information than they would without data contribution across the network.

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