Instantly validate financial institutions

Assess the risk of a financial institution based on performance within ValidiFI’s data network

Solution Overview
Assessing the risk associated with a financial institution has become increasingly critical in today’s diverse banking landscape that includes large mainstream banks, neobanks, regional banks, and credit unions. The rise of online banking and sophisticated fraud tactics has brought about a new dimension of challenges and opportunities, making it essential to thoroughly evaluate the overall performance of a provided bank account.
how it helps

ValidiFI’s vIndex solution evaluates financial institution risk using the provided bank account and routing number to flag and rank high and low risk financial institutions based on client performance.

Leveraging bank account and payment intelligence from ValidiFI’s network of financial service providers allows you to:

  • Identify non-conforming or invalid routing numbers
  • Identify high risk and low risk bank accounts
  • Review financial institution information and history
How It Works


Using the bank account and routing number, we validate details against our proprietary database network and return insights in a matter of seconds to help you assess financial institution risk and quality in real-time:


The value for your business

Identify Status

Check if the routing number is active and currently in use to process transactions

Detect Fraud

Identify high risk institutions and safeguard from potential fraud

Assess Risk

Access critical insights for improved risk segmentation

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Frequently asked questions

vIndex is a dynamic risk scoring service that assesses financial institution risk. Identify high and low risk banks so you can make more informed decisions and transactions.

As an index solution, vIndex requires bank routing and account numbers.

vIndex helps organizations protect themselves from potential losses by preemptively identifying financial institutions that have demonstrated high-risk behavior in the past. Since vIndex is dynamic, it is continually updated to offer the most current data analysis.

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