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Utilize our cash flow insights report for a more holistic view of consumer financial behavior including inflows, outflows, and affordability

Solution Overview

For financial service providers, obtaining a clear understanding of a consumer’s financial health is essential when making decisions for loans, payments, and credit decisions.

Cash flow underwriting can provide lenders and financial service providers provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s ability to manage their finances effectively. 

how it helps

vInsights performs a deep behavioral analysis of bank transaction history to help evaluate risk, ability to pay, ownership, and fraud signals.

vInsights provides a report offering information on:

  • Account balance, affordability, and stability
  • Detailed analysis of inflow and outflow behavior
  • Affordability and payment recommendations
  • Risk scores and payment default rankings
How It Works


Accessing cash-flow data for more informed decision-making is easy:


The value for your business

Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive report format for quick access to the information needed to assess capacity and ability to pay


Can be used for underwriting and credit decisions with adverse action codes

More Informed Decisions

Optimize credit line offers and strategic product placements

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Frequently asked questions

vInsights is a comprehensive cash-flow insights report that looks at bank flow transactions to help identify risky behavior.


vInsights performs a deep behavioral analysis of bank transaction history to evaluate risk, ability to pay, ownership, and fraud signals.

ValidiFI has modeled millions of financial outcomes – from lending, payments, banking, and insurance – to deliver the industry’s most predictive scores and rule sets for ability to pay and payment risk.


vInsights can be leveraged with third-party login solutions to help categorize transaction data into an easily digestible report that offers a better understand a consumer’s financial behavior.

Many organizations and lenders leverage vInsights to assess risk, make more informed credit offers, and assess affordability.  

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