The Authority for Income and Work History

Employment Validation is a suite of real-time employment verification services with data sets derived from the source, to provide income, employer, and work history information. This valuable data can be utilized to gain a deeper understanding of a customer’s risk, significantly improve analytics, and enhance the customer experience. 

Data Attributes

A comprehensive service of instant, automated employment verification data sets from over 700 thousand employers across a variety of industries. This solution, with three different tiers, provides the most up-to-date employee information that verifies identity, employment, income, payroll dates, and much more.

Employment Status
The attribute returned will either be Active or Inactive. An Active result indicates the consumer is actively employed in the database as of the last record date (pay date).
This response will provide you with the pay rate for the customer, along with the pay type, whether it is hourly or salaried.
Name on Record
Verify a consumer’s identity through the most authoritative information collected during the pre-employment I9/E-Verify process.
Employer Name
Provides you with the employer name for the customer to help you assess the stability of the customer’s current employment.
Pay Cycle
Information on how often the consumer is paid by their employer, including weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.
Previous Employers
The historical employment records for the customer, including employer name, employment status, employment dates, job title, pay rates, and more

Use Case Solutions

Verify Identity

Improve Operations

Increase Customer Acquisitions

Originate 24/7

Segment Employment Status

Prioritize Credit Increases

Align Pay Dates with Repayment

Enhance User Experience