Assess credit risk

Assess ability to pay based on inquiries, payment behavior, and payment performance leveraging our alternative FCRA-compliant score

Solution Overview

Traditional credit scores are a standardized tool used to assess creditworthiness but are a lagging indicator, not providing the complete and most up-to-date view of a consumer’s true financial health. Incorporating alternative data like bank account and payment intelligence can provide additional value in assessing creditworthiness. 

How it helps

vCredit is a low friction, predictive credit risk score that integrates proprietary bank account and payment intelligence from ValidiFI’s data network. By analyzing a historical view of past behavior and considering current circumstances, vCredit helps:

  • Make optimized consumer credit line offers
  • Identify best-fit product placements
  • Expand consumer acceptance
  • Optimize loan approvals while minimizing risk
How It Works


vCredit provides a more precise prediction of ability to pay and likelihood of payment issues:


The value for your business

Holistic View of Consumers

Identify potential risks and opportunities not captured in traditional credit reports

Improved Decision-Making

Analyze potential customer's past inquiries, loan performance, and account behavior

Drive Portfolio Growth

Optimize loan approvals while minimizing risk with our FCRA-compliant score

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Frequently asked questions

vCredit is a predictive credit risk score that is also FCRA compliant. Lenders and Financial service providers use vCredit to help approve, decline, and make more accurate pricing decisions, with Adverse Action reason codes provided.

vCredit is used by many of our lending clients to assess second look, non-prime or underbanked consumers to make better credit decisions, credit line increases, and expand their portfolios.

vCredit delivers a highly predictive credit risk score powered by hundreds of attributes on tradelines, payment performance, and velocity metrics.

vCredit helps predict an individual’s likelihood to default, much like traditional credit scores, but vCredit leverages predictive bank account and payment information to provide a more accurate assessment of creditworthiness. 

Yes, all customers are required to report their performance data as we are a give-to-get data model. By doing this, all customers gain tremendous value from accessing a much larger database of information than they would without data contribution across the network.

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